Thursday, January 5, 2012

88 Miles Per Hour

When I think about our wedding, it was very much a nerd country hybrid. I wanted the everything to feel handmade, homey, family, and very much a representation of me. You know when you go into your grandma's house and there are layers of things, patterns, objects, pictures, textures, that blend into a beautiful tapestry of life and the lives that have touched throughout the years? Yeah that's me only I'm 23 years old, far from grandmothering. So what you got was lace, mason jars, Cheerwine, candy, and a Tardis wedding cake.

Me and Kasey planned that wedding in two and a half months. We had next to nothing to pay for it all. Which was no problem because I have been thrifting things for the wedding for quite a long time. I hand crocheted all the flowers. Collected all the mason jars from family members. Collected coffee cups for the last year for the favors. Handmade of the wedding invites. Family friend made hand-spun cotton candy. I DIYed pretty much every detail. I was out in grandma Maxine's garage digging out old metal wash tubs to hold the glass bottle Cheerwines. I used my own home decor to fill in the look with owls, Pyrex, glass bottles, clothes pins...and it was beautiful. It was beyond my dream wedding. So there is a tease for the upcoming fully detailed wedding post!

The point is when deciding on the cake, we knew we wanted a Tardis on the top, but I also wanted the DeLorean on it. I knew hotwheels had come out with one earlier in the year, but were proving impossible to find. In the end we had our amazing three layered, vanilla bean iced, lemon, Doctor Who cake. But I still wanted to find that DeLorean! Back to the Future is my favorite film, and trilogy, of all time. Of all time! They have been my favorite films since I can remember. But I don't own any kind of memorabilia. I tend to find things in trendy little vintage shops that are always so expensive that I wish at times to be a rich nerd.

Like this beauty. Found it in NoDa last week at a place called The Rat's Nest. It was a neat little place, but of course full of thrift finds turned over for nice profits. In others words: I can look, not buy. This was stuck up in the rafters and I began jumping up and down like a little girl. Of course it was $200. I kindly asked the man if I could take pictures and be on my way.

Fast forward to me and Kasey grocery shopping this weekend and at checkout was a small display of Hotwheels. I walk over to glance when lo and behold there it was, THE DELOREAN! For a cool $0.99!

Currently the DeLorean is residing in my purse. A constant reminder that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible! Great Scott! It's time to cook breakfast!

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