Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cozy Posy Ear Warmer

Winter has actually came this year! It actually might feel that way because we have been going up the mountains a lot this year. Either way I've needed to bundle up quite a bit this season. Since I decided not to cut off all my hair, and I wear it in a bun 99% of the time, I've needed something other than hats to keep warm.

Being on a budget means coming up with my own design, yet again, and no Etsy splurging for an adorable ear warmer head band. Luckily I've mastered simple pattern techniques in my knitting skills.

Cozy Posy Ear Warmer Heandband

Lion Brand Alpine Wool (any roving wool or bulky weight yarn will work great)
Size 10 US needles (6mm)
Gauge not important
Roughly uses about 23 yards

Cast on 12 stitches using double cast-on.
Begin seed stitch.
Row one: k1, p1
Row two: p1, k1

Repeat rows one and two until you have 105 rows or can stretch around your head snug. Bind off in pattern. Leave a tail long enough to sew the seam. Seam both sides together. It doesn't have to be perfect because you will be wrapping yarn for the bow-like knot over the seam. Fold seam to create a bow-like effect then wrap roughly a yard of yarn around the folded seam to create the knot. Tie and seam in ends in the back.

This pattern produces plenty of stretch so you want it to be a bit snug. It stretches out just a bit after wearing. I've made a dozen so far. The pattern it quick, easy and these things are oh so warm!