Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Didilly didilly didilly di, Two Ladies! And I'm the only man!"

Honestly, last night was brilliant. The show was fantastic. Amber and I decided to make an event out of it. She brought hot rollers to put in my hair, we did make-up, I wore red lip stick, carried my Audrey handbag, and finally had a good reason to wear my gold floral Zac Posen dress. We looked at each other and went into non-lesbian rants about how good the other looked, then we hopped in Bula to head to Amos Howard's for dinner. The hostess asked us where we had come from so dressed up to which we replied in unison, "Going to see Cabaret!" We sat in a barrel, which is the main thrill besides the food, and spent time discussing time, philosophy, reality vs our imagination, and whether or not I had seen a ghost on the way home from the festival or not the night before.

After sharing a chicken salad, salad and playing with our food, we got back into to Bula to make our way to the theater.

I haven't watched a live show in years, which is sad considering how much I LOVE theater. Even sadder, there are at least four theater companies in my area, including the CoMMA that has Broadway companies come through every Fall/Spring season. Life just gets too busy, lack of funds, or I just do that whole, "Oh that would be amazing. I wish I could see that." then just never go. So last night it was just, I don't know...It felt good to be able to experience something that I love again.

The set looked amazing. My only regret is that I didn't get any shots of the Kit Kat Klub patrons when they all started to come on stage and just walked around staring at the audience as the live band played sweet swing music.

Free tickets thanks to Amber's fellow actor buddie who played Ernest Ludwig in the show. His performance was amazing.

Amber being Amber.

The whole point of blogging the experience was the fact I was finally wearing the Zac Posen dress I found at Goodwill for $5 and the vintage handbag I got at the festival. Sort of thrift finds in action, but ironically I didn't get any pictures of myself last night...well one, but it was super crappy. The show was amazing, thought provoking, moving, unnerving, entertaining, the music, the dancing, the clothing, the storyline, the setting, oh it was wonderful. Just the way it begins in 1929 Berlin in this beautiful night club, every moment is a party, girls, dancing, life is laissez faire. Then everything begins to fold in on itself. The Nazis are coming to rise, suddenly nothing is what it once was, lovers betray each other, friends are enemies, and maybe life isn't what they thought it was at all. The glam, the laughter, the party, it's not what it seems anymore. It's ends in this dark disturbing number that brought everyone to their feet, myself and Amber included.

I'm going to go see it again before it ends it's run.

I will leave you with my favorite number from the 1998 Broadway revival with Alan Cumming, "Two Ladies" (Warning: it's very risqué, but if you saw the whole show you would understand). Andrew Turnbull played the Emcee last night and was definitely channeling Cumming, but with his own absolutely brilliant portrayal.

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