Thursday, September 9, 2010

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby

I have realized I have a backlog of items and stories to share, but I think I will save that for the weekend when I don't work. So I shall share yesterdays little adventure. Eh...not exactly an adventure. I have worked every day this week, opening to 4pm. I actually kind of enjoy my job, but let's just say that yesterday the week finally caught up with me. Amber and myself had planned on thrifting, but once it actually came down to it I just wanted to throw off my work clothes and sleep. As I was getting into Bula (Amber's old burgandy Buick), I had the sudden urge to jump back out and run for my sweet, sweet blankets. I didn't. Amber and her friend that I will call the Soul-less One were talking, but I don't recall the conversation.
Walking into New 2 You I almost forgot the reason I wanted to go. I felt overwhelmed by being in a place full of stuff. I wasn't in my usual must-look-though-everything-I-am-amazed mood. I walked around, running my hands along the dress rack feeling very detatched. There were a few old Zenith tv sets I liked. One was really quite awesome. Very 80's. The kind that probably set on the kitchen counter and displayed the news to some woman while she cooked breakfast or washed the dishes or played cartoons in the morning for the kids while they ate their cereal before school. Finally after day dreaming about the lives of the tv sets I came across something I have been wanting: a turntable. I have an amazing collection of vinyl, but only use my mom's record player things that is made to look like an old Zenith radio that has serious sound in the sound sucks. So I have really been wanting to find a turntable to put in my future home so I can enjoy my Grease soundtrack, Thriller album, and the album of some British orchestra that Amber thinks I will clean the house to while birds fly in through the windows and sing to me. Anyways this one was only $4.

It is dusting, but it does turn. I know my dad will be able to play around with it and getting into working order, if possible, with his old turntable speakers.

I think the needle is broken. Mom has an extra needle from her record player. I am hoping that record player needles are universal and it will fit mine.

So I was ready to leave with the realization that when I say something out loud about something I like or would want to have, I keep finding these things. Amber decided I should start talking about bigger things and wait for them to find me. "I would like to have a ready made house...and then boom it falls in your back yard!" So as I was walking to the registar, an old coat rack caught my eye. At first I was afraid I was messing with someone's coats until the lady behind the counter smiled and confirmed that they were for sale. That's when I discovered a navy blue peacoat that has to be from the 60's or 70's.

It's wool, no designer or size tag, has a Women's Clothing Union tag, and fits like it was made for me! It has a really classic cut with a slight swing at the bottom.

I love the bottons!

And the pockets!

I was really hoping that there might have been something in the inside pocket that would point to where it was from, who it belong too, anything, but alas it was empty. The last jacket I bought had a receipt from a dress shop in Sweden. Oh, the stories I came up for that!
I love this coat. It makes me feel like I should be pulling the pincurls from my hair, dabbing on some red lipstick, slipping on this coat, and heading out to meet my love for dinner. It makes me feel feminine and classic.

Hopefully this weekend I can share some of my favorite finds from the last month, but until them I will leave with the sight I found in Kasey drive way this afternoon. Just a picture of the earth taking back what it gave.


  1. Love the coat! I wish we had great stores around here that had fun vintage stuff. I have to go into the cities for that.

  2. I guess it's just that we have so many mission organizations around here. I love my thrift stores. Although, I think it would be nice to head to a Goodwill in a bigger city. I can only imagine the finds! Oh FYI, the coat was only $5!