Sunday, February 20, 2011

Accordion Street Music

So this morning I laid in bed for a good thirty minute after initially waking up from my slumber. Last night, after I got home from work and took an extremely shower, I jumped back in the car and started driving. Even though I was exhausted from work, I just wanted to go somewhere. I ended up in Hickory meeting up with Katie where I finally found a pair of brown strappy ankle cuff sandals at Target for a sweet $10. As we walked around T.J. Maxx I started to get panicky with the amount of people crowding the store and every other store we went into. I then realized that everyone has their tax money back and plan to spend every dime of it ASAP. Mine is in savings; where it belongs. And no, T.J. Maxx, I do not think that $29.99 for a pair of flats qualifies as a clearance price.

We ended up at Amos Howards for beer pattered onion rings, BBQ sandwiches, and Raspberry Wheat Hefe Weizen...and to be annoyed by the table of drunk guys that were sitting behind us. I don't mind people drinking, but when you are so drunk that you nearly send my drink into the floor because your crutches go crashing into my table then I do have a problem. Drunk on crutches...seriously?

Back to this morning: I noticed a rich yellow glow go across my floor then light up my entire room. I sleepily walked to my window and cracked open the blinds to be engulfed in the sun. It was amazing. The sun was literally bursting. It reminded me of a blooming flower. The sight only last a few moments before the sun went back to its normal bright glow with the shadowy clouds moving in. It was a beautiful way to start my Sunday with a visual interpretation of "Here Comes the Sun," which I sang to the empty kitchen as I made my french press of coffee.

After settling in with my mug Kasey called to tell me to get in the shower, get ready in thirty minutes, we were going to Asheville. Not only was I getting a surprise trip to one of my favorite places in the world, we were going to get to see Anthony whom we haven't seen in almost two years. Needless to say, in the shower I went and was sparkling clean and dressed in less than thirty minutes. The ride up there was wonderful. Kasey I talked about God, friends, work, Ke$ha verses Lady Gaga, wedding plans, the looming honeymoon details, and mill houses. It was nice because during the week we really don't have time for simply catching up since we are always back and forth between work and are never on the same schedule. We fought about where the Starbucks was truly located that we were meeting Anthony at, then once we did find the Starbucks we wondered why we at Starbucks since we were in Asheville and should have been at Green Sage, Asheville City Bakery, French Board Chocolate Lounge, or any number of our favorite coffee places that we only visit a few times a year.

We decided just to wait on Anthony to get there and in the meantime order something. Kasey had his normal unsweetened Tazo black tea and I opted for the darkest roast they had. Mini vanilla bean scone for me, lemon iced pound cake for Kasey. Then we sat and talked. It was strange, but it felt like we were on a date. Which after three and a half years we don't have time like that together anymore. I think working toward our lives together, saving money for our future, planning for the wedding, and the headache of the repeating work days keeps us from enjoying each other. It was nice to let one random topic float to the next. Once Anthony got there we caught up for a few hours before heading down town to walk around in my favorite city in NC. I headed straight into Urban Outfitters. I know, I know I am an avid thrifter, but Urban Outfitters is just...I love the floral patterns, the oxfords, the pastel and earth tone colors, the lomography cameras, the leather satchel bags, the owls everywhere! And for months all I ever do is waste hours on their website dreaming about how this or that would become a part of my body. As soon as I walked in I began touching everything. As much as I loved everything my eyes fell on I knew I wouldn't buy a single thing unless it was dirt cheap. So upstairs I went to the sale section where my heart leaped in joy when I saw the sign that said to take another 30% off of the sale price. SCORE! And then I saw them, the fabric floral printed Mary Janes I had wanted back in the summer…and they were $7. I quickly fought my way to them and snatched up a pair of size sevens. I am glad I did this is such a fighting way since as soon as I brought attention to them about ten girls started on them with their eager hands. But these were mine, all mine, in complete affordability, and perfectly my size.

As we walked up and down the streets we came across four guys playing their hearts out in front of The Earth Guild. An accordion, a guitar with a harmonica around his neck, a clarinet, and the last guy had a flute or something. People were gathering around as they were putting every part of their souls into what they were putting out into the air. I didn’t recognize the songs, but I was enthralled with the sounds. It was beautiful. It made me want to cry the same way I want to cry every time I listen to “Across the Universe.” There is just something there that breaks your heart in a way that isn’t sad. And I realized this is what I am always searching for at home when I want to experience myself. I want to be in a place where people just start playing with their souls on the sidewalk. I walked up as their song was ending and threw a dollar into their open accordion case and silently thanked them inside.

This day ended with trying something new. We walked past a place you would miss if you blinked. I looked inside the window and saw a dessert cooler and popped inside. With a name like Old English, it had to be good. Must try everything!!!

We decided on a slice of Raspberry Barvarian, Tiramisu, and a Espresso Dark Chocolate Shortbread cookie.

Here is to more days where I discover how much I enjoy who I am, who I have to share this life with, and just how breathtaking it is is to wake up and see the sun bursting through the sky into my tiny bedroom window.

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