Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hot dog, fiddle, dresses, and hospitals

Going to Asheville was supposed to be a trip that feel under completely different circumstances, but your grandma having a stroke on mothers day is never in the plans.

Besides on the emotion, questions, and shock the point is she is alive and WILL recover. As of now the left side of her body has partial body paralysis and her left carotid artery is blocked. Today was my first day off work so I could go see her. Given, momma didn't want me up there when they first moved her. After going to the wrong part of the hospital, twice, we finally made it to her room. She had just gotten back from some two hours test and was out of it. She opened her eyes long enough to see that it was me and ask me how I was doing...

It is so hard seeing her like that. My grandma hasn't always acted as if she is full of energy, but she has always been self sufficient and non-stop talking. Now her body is damaged, she goes in and out of reality, and her face looks broken. I was desperate for her to just come back and start talking about anything normal. I want her to come in my front door and ask me to put it on The Young and the Restless. I want her to nag me. I want her to come into my room and start touching everything in the same way that it has always unnerved me.

I just didn't know what to do. I sat there and listened as my momma and aunt talked on and on. I told grandma that I loved her, then we had to get back so we could get Kasey's dads car back (our car is officially dead). They are moving her to the rehab center back here at home tomorrow so I can go stay with her during the day before I go to work...and she will get better.

Before heading home Kasey took me somewhere he knew would lift my spirits:

Downtown Asheville, Urban Outfitters.

Once we walked the block over from Lexington I just started to fill alive. All the art on the building, the guys playing guitars and fiddles on the corner with their opened cases, the hot dog/lemonaide stand on the other corner, the breeze, the cars, the was wonderful.

Urban Outfitters was empty beside for myself and a couple workers. It was as if the store was all mine. I ran my hands over every necklace, pair of canvas Mary Janes, sunglasses, and dress I could get my fingers on. I settled on this beautiful cream and black polka dotted dress with a velvet black and bow. It was only $9!
This is a sneak peak to how beautiful it will be on me this weekend when me and Kasey go out.
Then as I popped out of the dressing rooms ready to take my beauty home, Kasey handed me this! Ah! There is not another modern album I would want to own and listen to over and over again on vinyl. Oh Zooey, how I love you.
Goodbye, I will see you again.
This is the alley on the backside of Urban Outfitters. I was in love with this wall.

And now I am back home. Back to reality...

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